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Fiber Connect 2022: The Leading Optical Fiber Business & Technology Event in the World

2021 Fiber Connect was one of the largest conventions in our history — and we look forward to continuing the trend in 2022. We’re returning to Nashville in June, and expect an even bigger event — more exhibitors, more special events, more receptions and networking, and more content.
Just as in 2021, Fiber Connect 2022 will offer new and unique opportunities for business and market development, technology demonstration and peer-group interaction. The event will feature executives from a broad scope of industry sectors — traditional audiences as well as new audiences — commercial network operators, mobile network operators, electric cooperatives, municipalities, digital infrastructure asset owners and developers, investors, technology suppliers, enterprises and more.
The community who attends Fiber Connect is the primary driver of investment, deployment, and operation of next generation gigabit broadband networks. If your business requires gigabit and fiber connectivity, you should definately make plans to be in Nashville this June.

People and Businesses Sponsor and Attend to:

  • Influence and educate a highly targeted audience of network operators, integrators, enterprises, local government, digital infrastructure investors, and more.
  • Leverage speaking opportunities to position your executive team to network carriers, services firms and regulatory agencies working to comply with Federal law.
  • Gain visibility through the live event to communicate information, insight and expertise to next generation network deployment.
  • Engage customers and prospects in networking events, receptions and peer-group interaction to support business development and partner opportunities.
  • Benefit from our lead generation activities before, during and after the live event.
  • Add video packages, white paper distribution and webinars to the event sponsorship for maximum visibility and thought leadership.

Who will be there?

  • Network Operators: Muni, Co-op, Mobile, Fixed, & Telco
  • 5G Carriers
  • Investors & Investment Professionals
  • Local Government & Public Sector
  • Neutral Host Network Operators
  • Infrastructure Providers: Towers, Small Cells, Fiber Networks
  • Data Management & Network Design Software
  • Edge Computing & Cloud Services
  • Data Center Operators & Developers
  • Commercial Real Estate Developers
  • University / Education Campus Networks

Expanded Focus on Fiber Benefits

Innovations in Fiber

Innovations in fiber continue to go unsurpassed. With higher speeds, unmatched resiliency and reliability, and supreme customer satisfaction, fiber wins in every aspect. At Fiber Connect, you'll learn what is possible when fiber broadband is deployed universally - what services and applications will become commonplace, how will it impact innovation and how/where we live, interact with healthcare providers, attend school and work, and how it improves the standard of living.

Fiber's Impact on Communities

From municipal fiber to electric cooperatives, fiber broadband creates opportunities for economic and community growth that go far beyond the capacity created and deployed. With the passage of the historic bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in 2021, all eyes will be on how these funds are leveraged to bridge the digital equity gap for all Americans. During Fiber Connect, participants will share how fiber broadband can be an agent of the social good in terms of impacting lives on the individual level.

Fiber Funding and Best Practices

Government funding is at an all time high with RDOF, ARPA and COVID relief funding and with the newly passed Infrastructure Bill, $65 billion is slated for broadband. Fiber Connect will provide resources, research and templates to help service providers adopt the programs and processes that ultimately realize the best results in terms of broadband infrastructure. Fiber Connect covers everything that fiber connects, enables, delivers. If it’s not fiber, it’s not broadband!

Event Components

Networking Opportunities

Our networking opportunities encourage peer-group interaction and relationship building. This is your chance to reinforce your brand with a ‘who’s who’ of insiders and corporate leaders from multiple segments in the telecommunications industry.

Technology Exhibition

Featuring a wide array of leading products professional services and innovation driving the foundational infrastructure for the 21st century digital economy.
  • Open to all Attendees
  • Hands-on Demos
  • Hardware, Software & Systems
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Professional Services

Conference Education

More business and technology content on subject matter that can’t be found at other industry events. Relevant, timely and unique Fiber Connect content and programming is focused on the intersection of business, broadband and digital infrastructure investment.