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Ryan LaFollette, MD
SAEM23 Program Committee Chair

Welcome to the SAEM23 Annual Meeting!

Welcome to Austin!

SAEM looks forward to welcoming you to SAEM23 in Austin, Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World!” 

Create Your Perfect Playlist

Just as music is a huge part of Austin's DNA, education and research are part of SAEM’s strong legacy and what makes our annual meeting THE premier event in academic emergency medicine. We invite you to create an SAEM23 soundtrack that’s all your own, by compiling a playlist from hundreds of sessions, including:
  • More than a dozen half- and full-day workshops that aim to strengthen knowledge and skills in specific topic areas
  • Dynamic didactics from the best minds in academic EM
  • High-quality, cutting-edge research
  • Ground-breaking, practice-changing plenary sessions
  • Two keynote addresses by renowned speaker-influencers
  • Focused educational forums that offer something for everyone, from seasoned faculty to medical students just starting their careers
  • Speed Mentoring and Speed Mentoring for Medical Educator sessions for residents and medical students giving them access to successful leaders of EM in an intimate setting
  • Educational and gamified experiential learning competitions like SimWARs and Sonogames
Nothing Beats Being Together

SAEM annual meetings are renowned for the expansive networking events and career development opportunities they offer. Connect in person with your contemporaries and take advantage of opportunities like Speed Mentoring, Speed Mentoring for Educators, and the Residency & Fellowship Fair to talk to peers, leaders, and others who can help you take your career to the next level.

Say Hello to Our EM Pharmacy Friends!

SAEM is excited to announce that our emergency medicine pharmacy colleagues will in the house with us for the EMPoweRx (Emergency Medicine Pharmacotherapy with Resuscitation) Conference — a hybrid conference that presenting  the latest resuscitation, emergency medicine pharmacotherapy, and administrative issues that are unique to the ED.  

A Focus on YOU

We like to think of SAEM as a family, and in that spirit we are providing family-centric  annual meeting services such as on-site childcare and a private “family room” equipped with everything to meet the needs of baby and parent(s).

A Texas-Sized Welcome

Once you've eaten your weight in barbecue, heard a band that's this close to blowing up, and slammed a Lone Star or two at the city’s hottest honky tonks, you’ll understand why Austin is not only one of America’s the fastest-growing and best cities to visit, it’s also the perfect place to hold an annual meeting that promises to be as big-hearted and boast-worthy as the state of Texas. 

The Lone Star State's shining capital is waiting with open arms to welcome you and so are we! On behalf of the Program Committee and SAEM leadership, we can’t wait to see you in Austin!


Ryan LaFollette, MD
SAEM23 Program Committee Chair

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